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What is the investment incentive certificate?

Investment Incentive Certificate, in general terms, is a document which includes the characteristic values of the investment and provides the opportunity to benefit from the registered support alternatives if the investment is realized in accordance with the predetermined conditions. It is of great importance in terms of providing information which allows making sound decisions regarding state aid for investments.


The basis of the application is the Council of Minister’s Decision No 2012/3305 on State Aid for investments. It was published in the official newspaper of 19 June 2012 and came into effect on the same date (BKK or Karar). The decision contains provisions on the incentives and support alternatives to be provided by the government to investors with incentive certificates.


Support Alternatives:

- VAT Exemption

- Customs Tax Exemption

- Tax Deduction

- Interest Support

- Allocation of Investment Location

- Employer Insurance Support

- Insurance Support

- VAT Return 


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Investment Incentive Consultancy



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