Management Consulting

Whether your goal is to grow your company or to develop a comprehensive conversion and make it more competitive, our experienced consulting team will provide you with end-to-end services to help you make right decisions determining your strategy.


DAC Foreign Trade determines the needs of the companies and produces specific solutions accordingly. Efficient production is the main element of success for companies. Thanks to our non-managerial employees who have the sufficient consultancy skills and qualifications, we are able to provide organizational development and implementation of solution suggestions whenever needed.


Brand consultancy, social media consultancy, work flow chart creation, human resource management, marketing-promotion, personnel training and development are among the services we provide. DAC Foreign Trade conducts business activities in order to maximize the growth of your company, provide objective advice and add value. We carry out activities such as SWOT, PEST and competitor analysis with the aim of determining the company's situation and finding faster solutions to problems.

Management Consulting



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