Foreign Trade Consultancy

Our first priority is to make your products visible in international markets with our proactive approaches in the field of foreign trade.

The activities we carry out are as follows:


1- Determining the appropriate market.

2- Identifying and categorizing potential customers.

3- Establishing a mailing system for the list of potential customers (Periodically updating the mailing marketing infrastructure).

4- Phone calling all potential customers and providing weekly reports of these conversations.

5- Membership support to B2B websites according to product and sector dynamics.

6- Preparing effective presentations and face-to-face meetings with the customers who choose to visit our country as well as providing translation services.

7- Following up on the necessary operations after the order is approved.

8- Handling transportation and customs regulations.

9- Reporting all the processes starting from the product leaving the factory until it reaches the buyer.

10- Searching for and participating in business trade fairs.

11- Daily online and face to face export management support from 09:00 to 18:00.

12- Field research and face to face meetings with buyers from target markets (In a 4 month period)

13- Creating dealer and branch services as well as government incentive mentor services.

14- Free of charge import consultancy service.

Foreign Trade Consultancy



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